Rhonda Pitman
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Expert Business Basics & Beyond


A La Carte Services

Working with amazing businesses that want to have a positive impact on their industry and the world is the best part of this work.  Let us manage the unsexy behind the scenes work and free you to do the work you love.

Business Basics

A la carte business services including Bookkeeping, Payroll, Finance Reporting, Operations, HR and more. It’s like having Finance, Operations and HR departments in house at a fraction of the cost. No matter your size, we meet you where you are and help your company as it grows up.

Assessments + Step-by-Step plans

Helping clients gain clarity in a world that is often full of uncertainty and chaos, when the best next steps are not always obvious. With a holistic approach to assess all of the moving parts of your business, assessing the health and relationships between each area.  We can make a plan to set you up for long term growth and sustainability.

Outcome & Results Based Strategy

Feel like you’ve strayed from your goals?  Do you want to increase profitability and margins while decreasing expenses? Is your financial reporting not telling you a clear story that will enable you to make effective decisions?  Do you feel like you hired good people but they're not doing the job you want?  Sometimes all of these issues converge into what can feel like an overwhelming snowball.  An expert outside view can provide clarity for what is working and what is not to get you back on track.

Coaching & Development

Working with CEOs, business owners and teams to develop communication strategies and reinforce the kind of thinking and dynamics that engenders powerful change and highly functioning teams.  With CEOs, the focus is on empowerment and clarity, to own leadership in a way that is compassionate to others while empowering decision-making to drive a business forward. With teams the focus is on developing communication that fosters the kind of healthy relationships amongst a team that maximizes trust and a focus on the health and success of a project or business.  


Let's Talk (It’s Free!)

Schedule a free consultation call to discuss how we can help you and design a plan that fits your needs.



Rhonda was an incredible asset as we navigated massive change within our small agency as it transitioned into a medium agency. A combination of tough love and sobering clarity helped guide creatives, account specialists and executive team alike and resulted in a new organizational structure that helped our teams understand better how to work together.
— Matt Goldman, Partner, A-OK Collective; Owner, MFG Creative
Rhonda has supported my organization as a coach, consultant and partner for many years. She is an insightful thought partner who can diagnose a problem and quickly help you develop a solution. Rhonda’s high regard for strategic insight and refreshing directness make her one of my most trusted advisors. Additionally, Rhonda is a very smart and perceptive turn-around specialist. She is the consummate professional that quickly gains the confidence and trust of her clients.
— Christy Reeves, CEO, I AM THAT GIRL



I work with clients who possess integrity and strong desire for accountability. Because we are partners in our work together, I never want to compromise the quality of my services or a client's business.  I meet each of my clients where they are, dig deep to understand the unique set of challenges so I can deliver detailed, thoughtful recommendations that will lead to success. 


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