About me

Hi, I'm Rhonda. I am an entrepreneur and a strategic advisor to other entrepreneurs.  I have a vast knowledge of leadership development, coaching, operational strategy, business & financial modeling and organizational design. I am a true blend of right and left brain: while I was initially educated as an art historian and a printmaker with a passion for science, I later decided to attended business school.  I am always working to streamline and improve the economics of businesses while being sensitive to the mission and creative vision behind them.  Over the last 15+ years, I have built an extensive set of skills creating systems for growth stage companies, developing my own ventures, and consulting clients on both finance and operational strategies as well as execution.

I developed my talents working in the finance and technology sectors, marrying analysis, strategy, management and marketing with being a lifelong athlete, always answering to a coach. I've brought the skills and accountability to the world of consulting, helping my clients build and manage operations, develop products and drive their creative visions. 

I am passionate about elevating women in business, finance & media, health and wellness, and beautiful design.